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What We Do

As a full-service software design and development company, we work with brands, agencies and technology companies to solve the problems your team is facing. Whether you need a meaningful brand experience, a high-quality showcase for a new product, or an R&D effort to find a creative use for emerging technologies we find elegant solutions for your hard problems, and if you want, we take it to full productization.

Whom We Have Worked With

What We Have Done


Intensive R&D effort for Google focused on cross-platform, shared space augmented reality experiences.


Augmented reality walkthrough of Alienware technical specifications used by Dell at PAX East 2018.


Computer vision project centered around integrating Intel’s RealSense technology with the immensely popular game, Minecraft.

Warner Bros.

Commercial application developed with Double A Labs highlighting Apple’s ARKit 3 and blending high tech with mass-market entertainment.


Intensive R&D effort for Google focused on cross-platform, shared space augmented reality experiences.


Researching the effectiveness of 5G networks in XR applications

Scrabble Vision

Augmented Reality companion app developed to modernize and reinvigorate the classic Scrabble game

Neuro Golf Training

High-end neuro trainer app created to interface with sophisticated headset hardware

How We Do It


With HookBang, you get access to over 21 experts with backgrounds ranging from games to military, even to zoo keeping. This diversity extends to our problem-solving. With a wider variety of viewpoints, you’re more likely to find a creative, exciting solution. When a potential client brings us a new problem or idea, we approach it with empathy for the users and an inventive attitude towards potential solutions.


Our goal is to deliver high-quality prototypes as quickly as possible. On average, we have a 12 week turn around from idea to getting a POC in your hands. That means that instead of having to guess how an experience will feel for users, your team can make decisions based on actual data early on in the process.


Plenty of companies make demos. HookBang makes products. Taking a project from demo to product requires an eye toward the more nuanced business use cases and taking care to ensure the experience is scaleable and economically viable. Here at HookBang, we have proven experience crossing the finish line and creating full, commercial-grade products.

Why HookBang?

We’re a passionate bunch, and we like to think that comes through in our work. We care about creating products that keep the user experience at the forefront, while still meeting the goals the client set out to achieve. When you work with HookBang, you work with a team that believes wise decisions are data-driven, the little things matter, and there exists an elegant solution to every difficult problem.


Quick Proof of Concept Rollout

Fast and iterative methodology


Employees / Contractors

Access to a robust and well rounded team without a highly vertical structure


Shipped Software Applications

Across multiple platforms

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