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The World's Largest Collecting Game!


The World’s Largest Collecting Game!


PackRat Card Collecting Game

With over 13,000 unique cards found across almost 850 different collections, PackRat is the largest and longest-running virtual card collecting and trading game on the planet! You can collect, trade, steal, and sell cards with friends from all around the globe on the web, Android, and iOS devices!

First released in January 2008 as an online game playable only through Facebook, PackRat was rescued from the ashes by HookBang in early 2012, when it acquired the game from the original developers. We have been lovingly producing the game ever since!

In 2020, we re-wrote and improved the entire game using new technology and a new Unity game engine to allow the game to continue for another 13 years! We gave it a slick new makeover with an all new user interface, new sounds, new card artists, and new login methods!

Collectible Commodities Platform

PackRat is produced using our Collectible Commodities Platform (CCP), a robust back-end system that allows the publishing and managing of new content, managing player accounts, comprehensive tracking and analytics of both collectibles and in-app purchases, and a high degree of automation for “set it and forget it” ease of use. This system can be adapted for use with any type of content that is typically bought, traded, or auctioned.