Neuro-Performance Software



Relevant Tech Stack

Flutter, Firebase, Custom Hardware API

The Problem

Optios was on a mission to provide a high end neuro trainer for golfers. Their goal was to allow golfers to understand when they were “in the zone”, and to eventually train an athlete to “get into the zone” on will. They had a robust headset to collect neuro signals, and a sophisticated algorithm to analyze the brain patterns and detect optimal readings. What they lacked was a highly polished and well designed mobile application to bring it all together.

The Solution

HookBang designed and developed a highly polished application which interfaced with the hardware to gather sensor data, visualize it to the trainee, and provided them with the tools to train to achieve optimal performance state whenever they choose.

Work Summary

-High end UI/UX design

-App development (iOS tablet only)

-Neuro hardware integration

-Complex data visualization

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