U.S. Army, Booz Allen Hamilton

Relevant Tech Stack

Unity, Python, C++, Java, Pytorch, Jenkins, CloudXR, NS3, .NET

The Problem

The US Army has always strived to provide the best tools for its soldiers. This includes the best network structure to support complex digital and synthetic tools. For this project, the Army is interested in studying the effectiveness of a 5G network, to better develop its investment strategy in this technology and infrastructure. AR/VR/XR applications were chosen as a way to stress-test the 5G network, and we were approached with the challenge of creating custom tools to measure the true benefits of a 5G network over a 4G one.

The Solution

HookBang joined Booz Allen Hamilton’s team to study the effectiveness of 5G infrastructure under this large government contract. The focus of this multi-year contract is to compare the performance of various XR applications in 4G and 5G environments to better understand the values that 5G infrastructure provides. 

Our team’s work on this project spans many disciplines. HookBang is performing R&D to better understand how network degradation impacts XR applications, as well as developing large-scale AI simulations to study the impact that large volumes of users have on network conditions and application performance.

Work Summary

-Scaling artificial intelligence simulations

-Building custom test harnesses

-Integrating software for network performance metrics

-DevOps support

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