Stadia Cloud Distributed Computing Demo


Google Stadia

Relevant Tech Stack

Unity Entity Component System, Stadia GameBus, Data-Oriented Design, Distributed Artificial Intelligence

The Problem

Google was looking for a way to showcase their upcoming cloud distributed computing platform in Stadia, via the GameBus technology. HookBang was called upon to build a demo game that everyone could enjoy, and proved the power of the GameBus tech.

The Solution

Working in Unity’s new Entity Component System (ECS), the HookBang team met the requirements and created a Stadia GameBus demo titled Ridiculous Soccer in a period of three months.  The demo takes the classic game of Soccer and adds new “ridiculous” layers to it. Users have the ability to add teams, goals, players, and obstacles like walls and running bulls to create a fun, data-rich experience which accomplishes the goal of illustrating GameBus’ cloud distributed processing power and value.

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