Mobile AR Experience



Relevant Tech Stack

Vuforia, Unity, Volumetric Rendering

The Problem

As Dell prepared to take two models of latest Alienware laptops to PAX East 2018, they realized they needed something eye-catching to draw attention to their product and highlight the cool new features it boasted.

The Solution

Our team of experts created an augmented reality experience that allowed convention-goers to see the inner-workings of the new 15” or 17” Alienware laptop simply by scanning it with a phone. To differentiate between the two models we iterated on identifying the unique defining points between the two models and mapping them to the point cloud. This allows for a confident identification of the correct laptop- which is necessary to ensure realistic sizing of AR features. Once the software identifies the laptop as either the 15” or 17” model, an AR robot takes the user through an inventive walkthrough, showing off what new tech the laptop contains and where its located.

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