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Changing the World

with Machine Vision

HookBang’s virtual agent uses machine vision and augmented reality to augment human intelligence.

What is Assistive Reality?

Assistive Reality is a subset of Augmented Reality that is focused on computer-assisted help. It employs an intelligent virtual agent, drawing from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Vision to create a contextually-aware camera system that solves complex problems for users in real time.

D-Tech Router D-Tech Router with Assistive Reality computer vision

Working With Assistive Reality

HookBang’s contextually aware intelligent virtual agent can be trained to any piece of hardware and can support a wide variety of procedures. By working closely with your team, we understand the key steps that need to be supported, and the accompanying assets needed. Our AR based tools are hardware agnostic and can support a wide variety of platforms and devices.




Magic Leap

Google Glass


Contextual Awareness?

HookBang’s virtual agent being contextually aware means that it has a nuanced understanding of what it is looking at. This means that the agent can tell when you complete a step correctly… and more importantly, when you complete a step incorrectly.

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