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Full-service software design and development for brands, agencies and technology companies – specializing in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR/Computer Vision).

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Windows Mixed Reality VR/AR

We push the envelope of technology by building applications in VR and AR at the same time. This is true cross-platform, with Windows VR and iPhone/Android AR all with the same app.

Interactive AR Business Cards

We think the virtual world should be able to interact with the real world and vice versa. This demo shows how two real objects create two virtual objects and how they can interact.

Branded AR Loyalty Rewards

We don’t just build Augmented Reality apps that look pretty.  We help clients find meaning and purpose in AR, including analytics, email capture, rewards/loyalty and more.

Nightenfell AR

Play as a team of heroes in this revolutionary Augmented Reality experience!

Intel Computer Vision Solution

We leveraged our Computer Vision skills to build Intel a software application that lets you scan your face (or any object) and have it appear directly into Minecraft.

Augmented Reality Photo Frame

We love to move your idea to a practical application. Watch how easy decorating the walls in your home becomes with the use of our AR preview app.

Creative Software Design & Development

  • Meaningful brand experiences for your fans or clients
  • High-quality showcase apps for your new technology or product
  • Creative use of emerging technologies (including AR, VR, Computer Vision and more)
  • Elegant full-service solutions to your hard problems

Our Core Technologies

Leverage our core technologies and decades of experience in AR, VR, and Computer Vision to help bring your project to life.

ItsMine™ Collectibles Platform

ItsMine™ is a collectibles platform designed to rapidly deploy a full-stack system (back end and front end) for products and projects with virtual goods of almost any type. The platform by default includes metrics and analytics, customer service back-end interfaces, and scalable server deployment.

Codename Armadillo

Using our (codename) Armadillo system, we can rapidly deploy a Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and/or a Mixed Reality simulation environment in a virtual world of almost any scale. Our systems are built using the latest industry standards such as ARKit, ARCore and Vuforia.

Codename Longhorn

(codename) Longhorn is our latest technology that allows multiple users to share the same Augmented Reality content, and view it independently from separate devices. The technology is cross-platform, allowing users with iOS, Android, PC, and Mac devices to share the same AR content. This is the next generation of Augmented Reality. Try out TBD technology in our mobile game, Nightenfell.

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HookBang full stack development augmented reality virtual reality

HookBang –

701 Brazos Street, Suite 640 | Austin, TX | 78701

Our Name

In 1862, Victor Hugo was on vacation when his novel Les Misérables, considered one of the greatest works of the 19th century, was published. To query the reaction to his work, he telegraphed his publisher with one character: “?”. The response, equally short, was simply “!”.

Our name captures the crux of who we are and what we love: tackling hard problems, and developing elegant solutions. Derived from programmer speak for “?” & “!”, HookBang was born, reminding us daily of why we do what we do.

Our Founding and Principles

Founded in 2012, HookBang was created to bring together an incredible team of experienced developers with one common goal: to solve difficult software problems we care about, with people we trust and respect.

We’ve built a culture that pushes us to be our best, encourages a healthy work/life balance, and cultivates true accountability. This frees us to be efficient force multipliers, allowing us a velocity and agility most developers envy.

Our Team

Our team of experts are seasoned technology veterans, each with decades of experience in Simulation, Virtual Worlds, AR, VR, and/or Computer Vision.

Frank Roan

Founder & CEO

A seasoned software engineer and executive, Frank has a long track record of building products, teams, and companies from the ground up. He’s held senior or executive positions at Electronic Arts, Atari, 3DO, Multimedia Games, and Intific. He has been the General Manager of several development studios, the most recent of which grew to 80 employees, was voted one of Austin’s Top Workplaces, and was recently sold in early 2014.

Tony Morone

Director of Engineering

A software development professional since 1994 with deep roots in the video game industry, Tony has extensive experience developing and managing software projects and teams for various industries and platforms. Tony has held CTO, Director of Technology, and Lead Engineer roles at numerous software companies. He was the co-founder and CTO of a previous Austin game development studio that was acquired by Kalisto Entertainment.

Careers with HookBang

We’re growing fast, and are looking for smart and passionate people who want a job they’ll love. Be a direct contributor, make significant daily contributions, and work alongside others who thrive in doing amazing work.

Great Job, Great Life

  • Competitive Compensation
  • Medical, dental, and vision Coverage
  • Generous vacation time
  • Flexible hours